Florida Keys Flats Fishing

florida keys flats fishing
If you've dreamed of stalking quietly through shallow crystal clear water, hunting big fish to cast to, endless turtle grass flats, white sandy edges, mangrove islands, tidal creeks, coral heads, sponges, and most of all sight casting to adrenalin filled fish and watching them inhale your fly or bait then the Florida Keys Flats it where you want to fish!

Flats Fishing is a combination of hunting and fishing that puts anglers of every age and experience level to the ultimate test. Whether it's hitting that 60 foot fly cast onto a dinner plate in the Permits feeding zone, making out the grey shadow of the Bonefish as it approaches or bowing to a 100+ LBS Tarpon as it shows of its aerobatics and line pulling capabilities, the gamefish of the Florida Keys Flats offer excitement incomparable to most.

The flats can be challenging and take a great deal of patients and focus to find the fish, get into position and make a quality cast. But once you've put in your time and make the proper presentation to the fish it's extremely rewarding.

Along with the target species swimming the flats, it's common to spot a variety of Sea Turtles, Sting Rays, Crabs, Sharks, Snapper, Baitfish, Dolphins and Birds feeding on the flats. So if your traveling partner isn't as excited about fishing as you, it can be very relaxing for them to sit back read a book, soak up the sun and take in some of Mother Natures beauty as you hunt for a fish of a lifetime in the Florida Keys.

Backcountry Flats Fishing Charters: (Skiff, 1-2 people)

4 hours - $600

6 hours - $700

8 hours - $800