Florida Keys Fishing Report

The Tail Chaser Report: Summer 2016

Tarpon continued to swim strong in June with a couple Epic worm hatches and many big poon put in the air! The giant Permit started showing up in good numbers and fed hard on the flats in June and continued into July. Jay and Hatcher came down and put the […]

The Tail Chaser Report: May 2016

May was and exceptional month of fishing in the FL Keys!!! We had a good weather for almost the entire month and the Tarpon were very happy. Tarpon is the primary species this time of year and they seem to be swimming everywhere you look. During the full moon, we […]

The Tail Chaser Report: Andros South Winter 2011

I decided to take a little exploratory vacation between the Michigan and Florida seasons to South Andros Bahamas. Jay Daly and myself were warmly welcomed to Andros South Lodge by hosts Chris and B as well as some great Bahamian staff and friendly fishermen. We had four days of phenomenally […]